Bar Support Team


- 5 volunteers required to form a team of ad hoc bar staff

- management of the bar on training nights between 8:30pm and 9:30pm

- bar support on match days after 6:30 / 7pm until 8:30pm

- ability to work the till and serve drinks

- trusted to close the bar and lock up the club

Half-price Drinks Party Night


- Single Volunteer required to organise the event

- End of October party night

- Half-price drinks for everyone who comes in some form of fancy dress

- Singer to be booked subject to demand

Christmas Party

- Single Volunteer required to organise the event

- Mid-December party for players, family and friends

- Simple, sociable session to wrap up before Christmas

Pitch Marking

- 5 volunteers required to form a team to ensure the pitch is marked for matches

- marking of the pitch for Saturday games

- post-protectors and flags to be put out and gathered

Maintenance / Changing Room Team

- 5 volunteers to form a group who will keep an eye on the maintenace of the Club and ensure the changing rooms are given a sweep after games

- Ability to undertake basic tasks that might be required to keep the club functioning

- Ability to give the changing rooms a quick sweep or delegate to players who can help

Tour May 2021

- 5 volunteers required to form a team to plan the tour

- 3 day tour over May Bank Holiday (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

- Venue to be confirmed

- Tour shirt, 2 nights accommodation, transport

- One or possibly 2 games

- Fun, games and the normal tour chaos

- Cost limited to a max of £150

Club Formal Dinner

 - single volunteer required to organise the Club Dinner

- Mid / late June 2021

- Hailsham venue

- £30 per head - 3 course meal

- Dancing, Raffle, Presentation of Key Awards

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